Alchemy Training Academy

The Alchemy Training Academy prides itself on helping to upskill and train experienced therapists as well as those that are looking to branch into a new career.

Sugar Training

There has never been a better time to change the way you look at hair removal. While waxing has long been the go to for Beauty Therapists and clients, a new wave of cleaner and greener hair removal is on its way to the UK and Ireland.

Originating in ancient Egypt, Sugaring is hardly a new technique. However, over time and through vast cultural influences, Sugaring has evolved. At London Sugaring Company we specialise in what is often called the traditional or advanced method of Sugaring. Using a simple, Certified Organic Paste made of only sugar, water and citric acid, this so-natural-it’s-edible product is applied to and removed from the body by hand. That’s right, no sticks, strips or waiting for the product to cool or harden,

Sugaring is applied in a fluid motion called molding and then flicked off, along with unwanted hair. There’s a reason Sugaring is considered an art and why investing in quality training is so important. As a pioneer of this ancient, yet modern method you’ll want to understand all the nuances of how Sugar works and what makes it so special.

We like to say that learning to Sugar is 60% technique and 40% understanding your paste. All of this knowledge is incorporated into our training so you’ll fully understand how to choose your products effectively before ever laying hands on a client.

Training Options:

1 Day - Signature Sugaring Course

1 Day - Signature Training Course

Ideal for experienced therapists, our one-day accredited class utilises your prior beauty knowledge allowing you to focus on advanced technique’s. Areas include full leg, underarms, basic bikini, lip, brow, and chin. Accredited by the Associated Beauty Therapists, ABT.

2 Day - Signature Sugaring Course

2 Day - Signature Sugaring Course

Immerse yourself and learn the art of sugaring during our two-day body certification class to include full legs, underarms, basic bikini, lip, brow, and chin. Accredited by the Associated Beauty Therapists, ABT.